Jim was a long time skydiver and pilot. Welcome to the Rock County chapter of the Flying Hellfish, a local stand-up jet skiing club. You can't see it but there are huge smiles under those COVID masks on Tess and Jaclyn's faces after completing their skydives. Hellfish #1230, Sean Vasbinder earns his A License at Skydive Tecumseh in August 2020, Hellfish #1230, Sean Vasbinder, and family, Hellfish #1230, Sean enjoys boating when he isn't skydiving, Hellfish #1229, Chandler Decker, after landing at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI. It's a win-win! Russ Lombardo (HF # 1077) waiting to load for a sunset wingsuit jump. This is just one of many Hellfish insignia's created by the Hellfish 1-3 Squad. We made an exceptions to the rules of entry for Rich Rigdon because without his efforts we doubt that Hellfish #1, John MacDonald,  would have survived his horrific crash and injuries at the Perrine on 10-12-17. If you have your very own Simpsons tattoo make sure to share it on the app using the hashtag #TheSimpsons. Hellfish # 1121 - Scott Schumacher from Skydive Temple in Texas with HF # 1027 - Joey Nenni (center). Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe. HF # 130 - Pina Prosperi is Santa's Helper on this dive. HF # 728 Joey "Laser Boy" California - Twin Falls, Idaho. Doug Coleman - Hellfish #1089 -  @ Midwest Freefall with the Geezer Squad. Hellfish # 1159 - Florin Negrut (right) - on the Larry Ekstrom (HF #121) 77th Birthday Jump. Hellfish # 1185, Sarah Lombardo - great form!! HF# 1200, SFC Michael Geary, exiting the Grand Caravan at Pepperell Skydiving, Michael taking his hand at steering the canopy to the landing area. I hope he jumped out of airplane rather than off those cliffs in the background. Hellfish # 1185, Sarah exiting the Caravan at Midwest Freefall. Looking on is Hellfish #69, Darren "Sporto" Johnson. We are pleased to announce the (2) newest members of The Flying Hellfish: Hellfish # 1236 – Curt Young – Rochester Hills, MI Hellfish # 1237 – Bryan “Goldie” Goldsmith – Pine Brook, NJ Curt started jumping in 2019 with the intention to make one jump … Brad Hill - Hellfish #1092 -  @ Midwest Freefall packing up after the jump. Get up to 20% off. Go Spartans!! This mod was released, though not in a final state, as it was cancelled a short while ago. Jake Bower doing his first jump after the Reserve Ride checks his altimeter over Napoleon, MI. HF # 726 "Idaho" Clark - did someone say "Partay'". That'd be cowardly. Please put a rig on, you are making me nervous!!! HF # 803 Rob Cooper - doing a gainer off the Perrine. Lauren restocking the coolers as part of her job at Skydive Tecumseh. Glaze Hoster (HF # 994) after a long day at work??? Mike Malone (HF # 1006) One Lucky Guy!! Is that your first new rig? Hellfish # 1208, SSG Brandon Ziskind, receiving his Hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary. Hellfish # 1121 - Scott Schumacher - doing the "Bat Hang" from a Cessna 182 over Skydive Temple in Texas. Her tandem master is Cliff Alfiche, HF #94. Scott is on the right. Hellfish # 1116 - Norbert Rys (center) with Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121 - left) and Marty MacDonald (HF # 2 - right) @ Midwest Freefall. He is in the cover photo in red just getting ready to exit a cliff in Europe.HF # 941 Chris Pingston @ TecumsehHF # 919 Manny RodgersHF # 914 Dave "Maverick" Dunkel, USAFHF # 909 Betsy DukeHF # 909 Betsy Duke, Kody Kosloski  (HF # 806) Tandem Instructor at Skydive Tecumseh, Kody Kosloski (HF # 806) being PCA'd by Sean Chuma (HF #725) during Chuma's Fisrt Jump Course at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho. I highly recommend the book or the TV Series. The Helfish 1-3 proudly display their Hellfish shoulder patches . Branden Minuth - SEAL Team 2 (HF #1115) Jumping into the stadium of his Alma Mater, Bay City Western H.S. "Hellfish 1-3" was their call sign signifying 1st Platoon - 3rd Squad. Nick Barson (HF # 805) getting ready with Ryan "Gravy" Katchmar (HF#922) to jump an extremely short tower. If you would like your photo added please email it to me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. Kinsey Taylor (Hellfish #1112) OK, we are officially impressed, Andy Heins - Hellfish #1111 just got his A License. Hellfish # 1132 - Kay Dee - Landing after a wing suit jump around Moab, Utah ( I'm guessing Mineral Bottom). Christina Kase (HF # 967) on left with Zatt Miegler (HF# 844), Aaron Burwell (HF# 794) and Rebecca Burns (HF# 908). Chris "Topher" Day (HF#1071) with Moriah Day (HF#1072) following one of those crazy mud races.    ....Marty MacDonald (HF#2). Let's start by doubling your medication! HF # 725 Sean Chuma - Twin Falls, Idaho. He served in the Army for 21 years as a Drill Instructor and Master Seargent. In the loading area for a 3-way on the last day in 2020 that the DZ was open. Hellfish # 1022 Scott Parish (2nd from right) is welcomed to the Team by fellow Hellfish (from left to right): KimBerLee (HF# 1021), Andrew Weston Hermetet (HF # 979), James "McKay" Johnson (HF# 986), Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121), Heather Duquet (HF# 996), Scott, & Marty MacDonald (HF# 2), Kimberlee "Kimber Lee" Oesterling - Hellfish # 1021, Kimberlee after completing her Cat D dive with Steve Kanat (HF # 480), 1021 Kimberlee (HF # 1021) with Sporto (HF # 69). Nice Helmet! Hellfish # 1200, SFC Michael Geary, Commanding Officer of the Hellfish 1-3 Squad with General Petraeus, Commanding General U.S. Central Command and subsequently Commanding General Multi-National Force - Iraq. Michael is ready to do it again!! HF # 803 Rob Cooper - Salt Lake City, Utah. Soyez unique. Jason is a member of the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team!!! Hellfish # 1158 - Adam Dennis - on the way to altitude for a jump with Larry Ekstrom (HF #121) and Marty MacDonald (HF #2), Hellfish # 1157 - Joe Klos - relaxing during a weather hold at Midwest Freefall in Ray Michigan, Hellfish # 1157 - Joe Klos - (2nd from left in back row)  getting ready to do a sunset jump with the gang at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI, Hellfish # 1156 - Matt Reeves  with HF # 784 Aaron Burwell - Southwest Regional Director of the Flying Hellfish. Photo by Jeromy Alexander (HF# 797), Hellfish # 1197, Ye Fan making a super soft landing at Skydive Tecumseh. Hellfish # 1173 - Jerrod Long doing a side exit off the Perrine in Twin Falls, ID. HF# 1023 Sebastian Mizgala at Skydive Tecumseh with Nick Barson. All of the Hellfish 1-3 were awarded Hellfish shoulder patches by their Commanding Officer, SFC Michael Geary. Hellfish #1219, Giulianno Scotti, is an AFF and Tandem Instructor at Skydive Tecumseh, MI. Mike Malone- Hellfish #1006 - doing head down?? Hellfish # 1137 - Mike Ross and his Yamaha FZR, Hellfish # 1136 - Jason Peterson (right) with HF # 1074, Hanna Marie Datsun (right center). Saved by Kerry Duggan. Hellfish #1218, Dave Matthews at Skydive Tecumseh, Hellfish #1217, Lauren Albert at Skydive Tecumseh, Lauren getting ready to load the King Air at Skydive  Tecumseh (dutifully wearing her COVID-19 Face Mask). Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in The Curse of the Flying Hellfish The WWII battle in Abe's flashback was the Battle of the Bulge. Hellfish # 1172 - Michael Klingler with his beautiful wife, Michelle. Hellfish # 1159 - Florin Negrut (on the left), Larry Ekstrom (Center) and Nader Hammoud (HF # 1162) on the right with Ryan Charles Uhley (HF # 1120) on video. Hellfish # 1120 - Ryan "The Bull" Uhley driving to the DZ. in a publicity shot for his band, Hellfish #1225, Marianne (2nd from right) with friends at Skydive Tecumseh, Hellfish #1225, Marianne got her A License at Skydive Tecumseh in August of 2019, Hellfish #1223, Kelly Anderson is in the base at the center of the photo facing the camera (12 O'Clock position), Hellfish #1223, Kelly is on the right in this "Muff Brothers" dive (with the blue ear muffs). Flying in formation in Brazil. Hellfish # 1133 - Crystal Lynne Owens in front of Out of the Blue Skydivings high-tail King Air. Hellfish # 1210, SPC Nicole Bissonnette, receiving her Hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary. HF # 130 - Pina Prosperi jumping in what looks to be a very dangerous costume to be skydiving in. Kody Kosloski (HF # 806) over Skydive Tecumseh. Hellfish # 1151 - Anthony Maschek (right) with his brother Scott (HF #1150, center) and another brother in Iraq in 2006. HF # 342 - Shagggio Rodriguez (aka, Ryan Levesque) newly named DZ Manager for Skydive Tecumseh in Napoleon, MI, HF # 342 -Shaggio Rodriguez in competition, HF # 342 - Shaggio Rodriguez - Medal Winner!! [Photo by Jeromy Alexander], Hellfish # 1171 - Kyle Reid (center) with Mike Matthews (HF #130 - left) and Marty MacDonald      ( HF #2 - right), Hellfish # 1171 - Kyle Reid (lower right), Mike Matthews (top center) and Larry Ekstrom (eft center) at Midwest Freefall in Ray, Michigan. Chad seems to be plenty high enough to leave that antenna - wherever it is. Payton Matzinger (HF # 1000) is on the right. Buried World War II treasure is the prize in a tontine, in which Grandpa Simpson and Mr. Burnsare the last two surviving members. Hellfish #996 Heather Colleen Duquet with Lucky Day (HF # TBA), Alina Borovika (HF # 969) & Brittany Hodge, 996 Heather Colleen Duquet (HF # 996) straying to the "Dark Side" (freestyle), Stew Elder (HF # 884), Josh Magill (HF # 995), Michael Daggett (HF # 827), Alan Olvera, Greg Powell & Zatt Miegler (HF # 844). Larry is on the left, Marty MacDonald (HF #2) is in the back. All three are both jump pilotts and skydivers. HF #1027 Joey Nenni over Skydive Temple in Texas. Hellfish # 1119 - Cari Napier is in the 9 O'Clock position on this 10-Way (in pink). HF # 729 Miles Daisher - a member of the Red Bull Air Force. Miles is at the top right.HF # 729 Miles Daisher - on the job in Spain.HF # 729 Miles Daisher on the right. Hellfish # 1161 - Stephanie Folkersma (in the corner) with Larry Ekstrom (HF #121), Hellfish # 1161 - Stephanie Folkersma - about to dock on Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121) and Adam Dennis (HF # 1158) at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI, Hellfish # 1160 - Ross Ruder. Hellfish #1218, Dave Matthews is in the outer ring at the 7 O'Clok position in black and red. Hellfish # 1140 Brian Bostwick (center left) with HF # 916 Katie Marrin (center right) & HF #1134 Joe Graff (right). Arron is outside launching a 2-way base with David. He is planing on re-entering the military. Jennifer Rush (HF # 1015) on the left with Heather Colleen Duquet and Lucky Day?? Be Unique. Join millions of people looking to find tattoo inspiration, discover artists and studios, and easily book tattoo appointments. Hellfish # 1205, SPC Ken Miller, is also a gunner. HF # 804 Sharron Fielding - taking it low! Nov '12 - Just completed a jump off Monkey Lips at Mineral Bottom outside Moab in one of his signature outfits. Hellfish # 1204, SPC Michael Mercado (left) with HF# 1209, SPC Michael Steadman (center) and HF #1210, Nicole Bissonnette (right). Hellfish # 1120 - Ryan Uhley exits the Caravan over Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI. Hellfish # 1135 - Jennifer "Jen" Johnson taking her father for a skydive. Tom McCollum - Hellfish # 1016 - flies the Green and White - Go Spartans!!! PIna is from Narooma, New South Wales, Australia. Robbie Roncelli (HF #1064) with Katie Hawkins (HF #1063). Presumably, the Flying Hellfish was first dispatched to Normandy for the Invasion of Normandy. The Simpsons - Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in The Curse of the Flying Hellfish … Zac Bunzey HF # 960), Zac Bunzey (HF # 960) Justin Tyler (J.T.) Brad Hill - Hellfish #1092 -  @ Midwest Freefall - check out that attractive and durable Hellfish Decal on his helmet. Marge: No, I will not pay you $500 for sex! var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Hellfish # 1146 - Nick Schrand. Private Charles Montgomery Burns (expelled post-war for greed, repeated attempts to murder Abe by proxy, and attempting to murder Abe's grandson Bart) Brian Ake - Hellfish # 910 showing off his Hellfish Skills !!!! Hellfish # 1179, MIke Claus, with HF#1178, Rachel Kennedy and Nader Hammoud (HF#1162). Josh Magill (HF # 995) on left in 4-Way, Alan Olvera, Heather Colleen Duquet, & Alina Borovika (HF # 969). HF # 726 "Idaho" Clark is one of the early practicioners of Tandem BASE and current BASE "Carrier Pigeon", I think that is the correct term. Hellfish # 1186, Spencer - probably on guard Duty. On the left is Kyle Schroeder (HF #1095) and on the far right is HF #2, Hellfish # 1118 - Alan Ye with his Mom after a jump at Skydive Tecumseh / Napoleon, Hellfish # 1118 - Alan Ye is in the 7 O'Clok postion in this 9-Way, Hellfish # 1118 - Alan Ye with HF #2 show off their "Don't Be Stupid" wrist bands presented to them by HF #844 Matt Ziegler, Hellfish # 1117 - Abe Unger packing at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI. I think this was his check dive for his A License. Hellfish #1237, Bryan Goldsmith,  is in the 5-Way base in the 10 O'clock position, Hellfish #1237,"Goldie" giving us the "evil eye", Hellfish #1236, Curt Young over Skydive Tecumseh (MI), Hellfish #1236, Curt Young:  Looks like he enjoyed that jump. We had to say ‘dickety’ ’cause the Kaiser had stolen our word ‘20’. Hellfish # 1203, SGT Carl King, receiving his Hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary. Hellfish #1238, Javed Ashraf, just got his A License at Midwest Freefall (MI), Hellfish #1238, Javed Ashraf is at the top left in the 3-Way base of what was planned to end up a 6-way over Midwest freefall, Javed likes to ride his Ducati Panigale V4 (214 hp). Hellfish # 1186, Spencer Hill participated in ROTC while in college at Northern Michigan University. The "Geezer Squad" getting ready to set the Michigan State Record for Skydivers over Seventy @ Midwest Freefall. Lauren in freefall over Skydive Tecumseh. Hellfish #1225, Marianne getting off the "Beer Board". Jeff Lyvers - Hellfish #1048 from Comer, GA, Jeff Lyvers - HF #1048 being followed out the door by HF #2, 1046 Tim Huffman (Hellfish #1046) and Jerry Coleman (Hellfish #1047) with Stacey Herr (HF#1019), Tim Huffman - Hellfish #1046 from Flushing, MI, Josh Smith - Hellfish #1045 - just completed his AFF reequriements, Nicole Richards - Hellfish #1044 with Ian Cherteiny (HF # 681 on left), Ryan Wixson (HF #921) & Rob Harris (HF # 869 on right).